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Every organization faces the challenge of protecting corporate secrets: confidential information, intellectual property, and private data. How well this challenge is met depends on the stability of the business, the competitive advantages it has, its prospects for development, and how effectively it communicates with the government, its partners, and its investors. Although 80% of efforts and funds are spent on protecting data against external threats, 80% of incidents are actually connected to internal factors — the results of intended and accidental employee actions. There is only one answer. You need reliable protection from the inside. You need a system capable of thwarting today’s most dangerous threat: the insider.

Perimetrix’s solutions hold a special position on today’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP) market. We exceed traditional expectations. We have created a revolutionary new platform, we have avoided the pitfalls of the first generations of specialized systems and we have improved their strong points. We are pleased to offer the Confidential Document Secrecy Information Analysis System (CDS IAS) — a powerful monitoring and audit tool that can be used for individual documents based on the Secret Documents Lifecycle™ concept. download pdf.

Perimetrix SafeSpace™

Perimetrix SafeSpace™ download pdf is an integrated Perimetrix solution comprised of five modules, each of which can be installed separately.

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You can click here to learn more about Perimetrix® SafeSpace™ (link opens a new window).

Perimetrix SafeStore™ is a centralized system of confidential document storage, which facilitates access control and the organization of classified information workflow in an enterprise, in accordance with corporate security policies. Prevents data confidentiality breach in case of physical loss of storage media or backup drive. Ensures the security of confidential data at rest.

Perimetrix SafeUse™ is a system of control over the use of classified secret documents by authorized employees. This product ensures the protection of information in use, the automatic classification of new documents and facilitates the integrity audit of secret documents.

Perimetrix SafeEdge™ is a real-time monitoring system for all documents leaving the corporate network perimeter which automatically filters and classifies outgoing documents. This product ensures the protection of data in motion.

Although any one of the three Perimetrix products can be implemented as a standalone solution, the synergistic advantages of using all three products together are compelling: an organization can create a reliable leak-prevention system which covers data issues in all three states: data at rest, data in use, and data in motion – as well as provide integrity audit.


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Data Leaks: Fact & Figures

80% of efforts by companies to protect confidential data are spent in the form of technological protection from external threats: while 80% of attacks, presenting a serious threat to the business, were performed from within.
US Secret Service // Insider Threat Study

The risk of losing informational resources, due to internal threats, is on a rising tendency: 84% in 2007 vs. 59% in 2006.
PwC // Global State of information Security

75% of Fortune 500 companies have experienced problems with intellectual property theft.
Ponemon Institute // Cost of a Data Breach

87% of incidents are the fault of non-technical personnel - people who do not have specific computer skills. Only in 9% of the cases, those responsible for the incident were IT specialists.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report

In 78% of incidents, insiders used legal access to the company's information resources, and in 43% of these incidents they used their personal logins and passwords. In 83% of the incidents, the attacks occurred in the workplace, and in 70% - during business hours.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report