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Perimetrix SafeStore™

Perimetrix SafeStore™ is a centralized system of confidential document storage, which facilitates access control and the organization of classified information workflow in an enterprise, in accordance with corporate security policies. It incorporates multiple levels of confidentiality and then stores classified documents in a distributed storage facility. SafeStore™ ensures the safety of confidential data at rest.

Of course, when creating a protection system for confidentiality and data integrity, a huge volume of documents already exists in an organization. So, the first stage in implementing the system is to classify and categorize of all that information. This process is significantly simpler than with the products of previous generations, since Perimetrix integrated technology allows even large amounts of data to be categorized in a matter of hours.

download pdf - download Perimetrix SafeSpace™ whitepaper.

Once it has been established how confidential a particular document is, Perimetrix SafeStore™ apportions it a level of secrecy and level of access. When Perimetrix SafeStore™ has labeled all classified documents they are send to a special storage facility where they are held in encrypted form.


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Data Leaks: Fact & Figures!

80% of efforts by companies to protect confidential data are spent in the form of technological protection from external threats: while 80% of attacks, presenting a serious threat to the business, were performed from within.
US Secret Service // Insider Threat Study

87% of incidents are the fault of non-technical personnel - people who do not have specific computer skills. Only in 9% of the cases, those responsible for the incident were IT specialists.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report