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Perimetrix SafeEdge™

Perimetrix SafeEdge™ is a real-time monitoring system for all documents leaving the corporate network perimeter which automatically filters and classifies outgoing documents. This product ensures the protection of data in motion.


Underpinning Perimetrix SafeEdge™ are three probabilistic protection methods: Digital Fingerprints, linguistic, and signature analysis.

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If a secret document leaves the corporate network and is sent, for example, to a partner, then encryption will be applied automatically in accordance with the policy, completely transparently.


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Data Leaks: Fact & Figures!

80% of efforts by companies to protect confidential data are spent in the form of technological protection from external threats: while 80% of attacks, presenting a serious threat to the business, were performed from within.
US Secret Service // Insider Threat Study

87% of incidents are the fault of non-technical personnel - people who do not have specific computer skills. Only in 9% of the cases, those responsible for the incident were IT specialists.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report