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Perimetrix SafeUse™

Perimetrix SafeUse™ is an auditable workspace environment, for distributed processing and storage of confidential data, in accordance with a corporation’s security policies. Thanks to constant monitoring of protected workstations, the SafeUse™ environment provides supervision over users’ work with, and access to data of varying levels of classification, with the ultimate goal of preventing violations of secrecy protocols. And the integration of strong cryptography prevents critical information leaks even in cases of loss or theft of portable computers.

Perimetrix SafeUse™ was developed from the unique perspective of providing 100% protection for classified documents specifically to enhance our clients’ competitive advantage, improve their trust relationships with investors and partners, and to help them comply with government standards.

Unlike previous-generation DLP solutions, Perimetrix SafeUse™ does not rely solely on probabilistic analysis to identify and classify confidential data. Instead, SafeUse™ utilizes a unique multidimensional classification model to ascertain exactly to whom, how, and to which data access is provided. As a result, not only guaranteed protection of classified documents is attained, but an exhaustive history of every user’s actions with every classified file is built. The latter provides an invaluable tool for performing internal audits, retrospective incident analysis and can offer documented proof against liability in the case of a leak.

Numerous technologies are included in the SafeUse™ arsenal, which enhance reliability and ease of use while underlining the innovative nature of the product. Of special note is a high-performance classified data rule-processing engine, thanks to which SafeUse™ works 3-4 times faster than the specialized script-languages used by earlier-generation DLP products.

The Perimetrix SafeUse™ server platform works with all popular operating systems (Windows™, Linux, Unix), and integrates with the most widely-used database solutions (Oracle Database 10g, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, and others).

Perimetrix SafeUse™ features a straightforward, elegant administrative interface for adjusting settings and creating rules. Centralized administration of the product is provided through a comfortable Web console, which takes into account conspiracy avoidance (administrative role distribution), protection from takeover (tunneled communications) and real-time breach notifications.


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In a nutshell

Three things you need to know about Perimetrix:

  • Even a lost or stolen laptop does not compromise you: the data has enforced encryption
  • You will always know who did what to which document and when - from creation through to final deletion thanks to Perimetrix Secret Documents Lifecycle™
  • The system learns from what you choose to mark secret and automatically rates incoming and outgoing documents
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