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Perimetrix welcomes collaborative relations with companies with the requisite resources and experience in implementing complex IT and information security projects for large corporate clients. Mutually beneficial conditions for collaboration, mutual assistance and technical, training and marketing support, a strong brand, and our openness and focus on the end result will help you successfully diversify your business and increase profits with innovative solutions for the most promising market niches in information security.

Our partnership program, the Perimetrix Alliance Program (PAP), is comprised of three partner categories: value-added software resellers (VAR), service partners / system integrators (SI), and independent software vendors (ISV).

For more information on establishing partner relations, please call +7-495-737-9991, or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

VAR Partners

The primary objective of the Perimetrix Alliance Program is to boost partner profits. VAR partners receive preferential rights to sell (and resell) Perimetrix software and provide 1st Level Technical Support services1. VAR partners have the right to sub-license software for the needs of the end user when the software is purchased directly from Perimetrix and/or an official company distributor2.

SI Partners

This partner status allows the partner to offer its services in consulting with regard to the customization of Perimetrix software, as well as services to organize and provide 1st Level Technical Support for end users. SI partner personnel must have undergone training and certification for the Perimetrix product line. The number of these experts and the level of their qualifications are regulated by Perimetrix company policy.

ISV Partners

ISV partners develop and certify add-ons and work with Perimetrix to offer clients opportunities to expand the functions of the Perimetrix SafeSpace product line. These add-ons primarily concern integrated plug-ins, which make it possible to connect the Perimetrix platform to the client's critical business applications, software, and hardware. Services also include industry-specific solutions based on the Perimetrix platform, which is customized by ISV partners to meet the needs of companies in different sectors. The procedures for establishing user rights to and providing technical support for add-ons for standard Perimetrix products are governed by agreements between Perimetrix and its ISV partners.


1 - If a VAR partner also has SI partner status
2 - Exception: Russia and the CIS


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Why Perimetrix
  • Corporate Information Security Platform
  • Protection against all types of internal IT-threats
  • Full control over confidential data usage
  • Integration with storage and processing environment
  • Tight integration with current business processes
  • Legal requirements and industrial standards compliance
  • Full-scale comprehensive data monitoring
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Data Leaks: Fact & Figures!

80% of efforts by companies to protect confidential data are spent in the form of technological protection from external threats: while 80% of attacks, presenting a serious threat to the business, were performed from within.
US Secret Service // Insider Threat Study

87% of incidents are the fault of non-technical personnel - people who do not have specific computer skills. Only in 9% of the cases, those responsible for the incident were IT specialists.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report