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Perimetrix Secret Documents Lifecycle™ download pdf

Perimetrix Secret Documents Lifecycle™ is based on the 3w of all document actions – who did what and when – and is at the heart of Perimetrix solutions. This full-spectrum approach guarantees 100% protection of classified data in motion, data in use and data at rest since secret documents (and documents which use any of their content) are monitored and controlled within the data perimeter from the moment they are created to the moment they are deleted.

Perimetrix DataSure™

Perimetrix DataSure™ provides unparalleled classified and unclassified data recognition – guaranteeing 100% document confidentiality and integrity. The Perimetrix DataSure™ concept consists of two separate but complementary approaches:

Perimetrix DataSure2

Perimetrix DataSure2 protects documents you have marked classified by combining reactive (probabilistic) and proactive (deterministic) methods. This means that the best deductive methods available are working in tandem to monitor and protect secret documents.

Perimetrix DataSure3

Perimetrix DataSure3 is a triple-approach solution which combines linguistic analysis, signature analysis and digital fingerprints. This delivers the best targeted methods available and runs them together as a background process to identify potentially sensitive documents and include them in Perimetrix SafeHouse™.

Perimetrix SafeHouse™

Perimetrix SafeHouse™ is a distributed secret-document storage facility which encrypts all data deemed confidential. Once a file has been added, it is safe – no matter where you are: inside the company network or at home on your laptop. Hardware theft – the number-one cause of confidential data leaks – is no longer a threat to your company since all secret documents are encrypted at all times when not directly in use by a company employee with appropriate security clearance.

Perimetrix Expansion™

Perimetrix Expansion™ means fully platform-independent and scalable systems management. If you need more processing power, just add another server to the cluster.


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Data Leaks: Fact & Figures

80% of efforts by companies to protect confidential data are spent in the form of technological protection from external threats: while 80% of attacks, presenting a serious threat to the business, were performed from within.
US Secret Service // Insider Threat Study

The risk of losing informational resources, due to internal threats, is on a rising tendency: 84% in 2007 vs. 59% in 2006.
PwC // Global State of information Security

75% of Fortune 500 companies have experienced problems with intellectual property theft.
Ponemon Institute // Cost of a Data Breach

87% of incidents are the fault of non-technical personnel - people who do not have specific computer skills. Only in 9% of the cases, those responsible for the incident were IT specialists.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report

In 78% of incidents, insiders used legal access to the company's information resources, and in 43% of these incidents they used their personal logins and passwords. In 83% of the incidents, the attacks occurred in the workplace, and in 70% - during business hours.
CSI/FBI // Computer Crime Report