Perimetrix Cryptex

Perimetrix Cryptex is essentially an encrypted file that contains one or more data files. In simplest terms, a cryptocontainer can be compared to a standard data archive that utilizes encryption on the archived data. The key difference between cryptocontainers and standard archives lies in the unique decryption method.

To extract encrypted files from a standard archive, a user needs to enter the correct password. Having to enter a password manually raises a number of potential issues. In particular, when working with a large number of archives, the user either has to remember a large number of passwords, or use the same password on multiple archives which jeopardizes security. In contrast, when using Perimetrix Cryptex, data is decrypted using keys that are stored in a centralized database. This ensures that confidential data is protected even in the event that storage media is lost or stolen.

A perpetrator trying to open a cryptocontainer will not succeed since they will not have access to the decryption keys which are stored in the database. In addition to this, it is significantly easier for a user to work with cryptocontainers since the keys are extracted automatically, based on the users permissions, from the database without requiring the user to input a password.

From a user’s perspective, using Perimetrix Cryptex is no different from using ordinary unencrypted archives. The transparent way in which the product functions, enables a user to easily and more efficiently store confidential data while maintaining the maximum level of data protection possible.

The exchange of encrypted data within a distributed installation is seamless. Both the sender and the receiver use the same configuration settings to access the data. The transparent exchange of cryptocontainers between companies primarily requires holding environments to facilitate the transfer of confidential data. Moreover, policies related to processing and storage are applied automatically as defined and configured among the companies.

→ For data encryption and for the sake of meeting the local legislation requirements, Periemtrix Cryptex supports a variety of encryption libraries that have JCA (Java Crypto API) and can be used in our solution.

Perimetrix Cryptex