Data Lifecycle Management

Perimetrix’s approach to managing confidential data not only permits a company to retain the systems implemented for securing physical objects, but to transfer and apply the established security principles and policies to the company’s electronic environment.

Perimetrix continuously protects information throughout every stage of its lifecycle through the inheritance of classification attributes — from creation and modification, to storage, transmission and deletion →

  • Classification (assigning attributes) of files containing sensitive information.
  • Automatic classification of files when exporting from a database or cloud.
  • Automatic inheritance of classification attributes when creating different versions from an original.
  • Automatic inheritance of classification attributes when compiling new documents based on existing ones.
  • Data encryption when sending files via email or messengers.
  • Data encryption for cloud storage or transfer onto physical media.
  • Printing classification labels on hard copies when a classified file is sent to a printer.
  • Decreasing the security level, removing from protected circulation (archiving, destruction).
Data Lifecycle Management