Perimetrix Implementation Method

Even though Perimetix is a readymade solution, using it does, however, require a certain number of preparatory procedures, activities, and documents. These are necessary in order to configure the system so that it meets the needs of the customer. All of these things combined make up the methodology for implementing Perimetrix.

Perimetrix Implementation Methodology (PIM) summarizes the basic principles for implementing Perimetrix. These principles are based on actual projects completed for clients representing a wide variety of different industries. Moreover, PIM provides organizational and methodological recommendations in order to organize activities in the most effective manner possible.

Perimetrix Implementation Method allows conducting the deployment of Perimetrix SafeSpace into production in most effective and manageable way. The methodology provides the guidelines for the topics as following:

  • Typical structure and sequence of activities during implementation (Implementation Roadmap);
  • Approaches to setting up a project team effectively;
  • Key deliverables and milstones during implementation process;
  • Project risks and usefull tips of mitigation based on the hands-on expirience.

→ These recommendations will be in great demand by both customers and partners when developing effective and feasible implementation plans.

Perimetrix Implementation Method