Perimetrix SafePrint

Perimetrix SafeSpace has a built-in standardized decision-making methodology that is applied in the same way when either moving data within a workstation or across the network. Perimetrix SafePrint is a component of Perimetrix SafeSpace bundle responsible for marking printed copies of confidential files with the appropriate classification information.

Perimetrix SafePrint bridges the gap between electronic and physical document workflows. Regarding hard copies of confidential documents, they are automatically marked during the printing process with things like the original source and copyright information.

In addition to marking printed copies with identifying information, Perimetrix SafePrint allows you to fully manage the entire printing process of confidential files.

Automatic printing of “watermarks” and other necessary information allows to not only have an auditable trace of a printed file, but also to ensure effective protection of copyrighted and intellectual property.

Perimetrix SafePrint creates an auditable environment for phisical paperflow. When a classified document gets into your hands, you can always track its history, right down to the workstation from which it was printed.

If a file being printed contains confidential information, SafePrint makes sure that the hard copy contains the necessary, distinctive classification information.

Perimetrix SafePrint