Perimetrix SafeStore

Perimetrix SafeStore provides encrypted protection of data wherever it is stored plus automated encryption using cryptocontainers. The risk of confidential data being compromised, either due to loss or theft of the media on which it is stored, essentially disappears.

The SafeStore module safeguards confidential data via encryption whenever and wherever it is stored; on workstations, laptops, servers, etc. The SafeStore module enables the secure transmission of confidential data over “open” channels, ensuring security policies are maintained and thereby preventing data breaches in the event of the theft or loss of the media containing the data.

SafeStore, within the framework of the SafeSpace solution, Perimetrix SafeSpace, is responsible for the processes connected to data encryption on local devices including desktops, laptops and peripherals.

Technically, it is a service for managing both encryption containers and the centralized storage of encryption keys. The solution not only encrypts data upon a user’s request, but also guarantees that, based on the data’s level of confidentiality, it can only be stored in encrypted format in accordance with corporate information security policies.

It is important to note that the local implementation of SafeStore, even though it is installed as a separate application, integrates with the Perimetrix SafeUse agent. Therefore, in order for a user to get the maximum level of functionality on the local system, it is necessary to implement both SafeStore and SafeUse together.

→ The key element that defines how data is stored in Perimetrix SafeStore is the “cryptocontainer” or Piremetrix Cryptex.

Perimetrix SafeStore