Perimetrix PTE. LTD.
1 Coleman Street #10-06
The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
T +65 9232 1464

Career at Perimetrix

We at Perimetrix are deeply convinced that employees who are engaged in intellectual activities should not be encumbered, to the highest extent possible, by material concerns. We also believe that only complete and focused concentration can solve complex problems and can also deliver job satisfaction. At Perimetrix, you will feel like you are working in a fortress: where nothing is allowed to distract you from being both creative and productive.

We are also certain that material benefits are insufficient in attracting talented people when there is an absence of a corporate spirit and a positive working environment. At Perimetrix, you will find interesting and challenging work, opportunities for self-realization and a friendly, close-knit team of like-minded professionals. We are sure that working in our company will bring you both satisfaction and prosperity.

We are a friendly, creative and strong team of experienced professionals who constantly strive for continual development and improvement. We welcome free and informal communication, innovative ideas and new ways of working. We have all of the necessary technical and non-technical means to deliver our solutions, from software development and testing to managing project implementations. Our people are always ready to offer a helping hand, to share our experience and expertise and to help new employees quickly integrate into the team.

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