Perimetrix SafeSpace

Since the advent of the computer, the volume of data has been growing continuously, including confidential data such as corporate know-how, intellectual property, personal data, banking data, etc. Leakages and other misuse of confidential data often cause significant financial and reputational damage to enterprises and other organizations.

Being designed to prevent the misuse of confidential information, Perimetrix SafeSpace allows for the organization of document handling routines based on the category of data as well as its associated processes.

Perimetrix SafeSpace is a specialized software bundle for managing authorized user interactions with confidential data. It delivers solution for creating an environment for safely storing, processing and exchanging confidential data; one that controls the interaction (work) of users and applications with data using the organization’s security policy framework.

Perimetrix SafeSpace prevents unauthorized leakage, distortion or destruction of confidential and other business-critical data, as well as provide the necessary tools for accounting and control (policies, inventories and integrity audits) of such information. Perimetrix SafeSpace protects the confidentiality and integrity of personal data, trade secrets, intellectual property and other confidential data that companies possess.

Because Perimetrix SafeSpace makes it possible to identify and classify information assets that need safeguarding, companies are able to locate the business processes where the data is used and to dynamically control all relevant operations associated with the data.

Permissible actions are consolidated within the rules and policies governing the use of protected data, covering all aspects of data interactions including creation, processing, storage and transmission. Any actions, attempted by a user or application, that are not authorized within the defined scope of permissions are blocked.

Perimetrix SafeSpace has a modular structure. The whole software bundle flexibly integrates into a company’s existing file management structure without changing established business processes relating to storage and data handling.

Perimetrix SafeSpace