Perimetrix SafeResource

SafeResource is a module that protects data located on corporate network resources (corporate portals, databases, enterprise applications, etc.). Perimetrix SafeResource prevents unauthorized access to network resources from devices that are not within a company’s security perimeter.

The module verifies the availability and operational state of the SafeUse driver on the workstation attempting to access networked resources. If a signal indicating that the SafeUse driver is installed and operational is not received, then access is blocked.

Technically, the SafeResource module is implemented as a firewall that dynamically adapts traffic rules based on the presence or absence of the SafeUse driver associated with the specific IP address of the workstation.

The SafeResource module is part of the Perimetrix SafeSpace solution and is designed to provide users with secure access when working with data residing on remote network resources (corporate portals, databases, enterprise applications, etc.).

→ The typical use—case is where users were able to access confidential data that had been wrongly stored on shared corporate network resources. Using a device without an installed Perimetrix SafeUse agent, users can gain access to confidential data not protected by Perimetrix that should otherwise not be available to them. In this situation, SafeUse cannot control a user’s actions in relation to the confidential data. SafeResource controls access to protected network resources by checking the availability and correct operating status of the SafeUse agent on the accessing device, which in turn ensures that all operations on confidential data are authorized.

Perimetrix SafeResource